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fit20 is not the loud, sweaty gyms you see in commercials!

We are a revolutionary slow-motion fitness program. Our clean, private studio in Katy, TX is now open.

Our sessions are always with a personal trainer that is dedicated to your fitness gains.

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"I am able to stay consistent"

"Due to work, I would often become so busy I would forget to exercise, and when I did remember I would overdo it and injure myself, and would need weeks to recover before exercising again. Thanks to fit20, I am able to stay consistent with my exercises because of my scheduled appointment time, while the slow motion training and the trainer's guidance keeps me injury free!"

Improved Strength

After a review following her 30th training, Linda has a 28% Improvement in Strength since her first training!

"I feel stronger, more energetic and I feel toned."

"I've been doing fit20 for about 7 weeks now and I feel stronger, more energetic and I feel toned. The facility is beautiful, it's clean, I feel safe and the trainers are awesome!"

"It's really improved my golf game"

"I gotta tell ya, it's really improved my golf game. It's really sped up the fast switch muscles in my hips and thighs."

fit20 Mason Place makes fitness the easiest part of your week.


Schedule your free introductory training

You can schedule your personal training session for the time that works best for you, so you’ll never need to worry about changing your routine in order to work out. During your first session you'll meet our trainer, go through the science behind fit20, and start training.


Spend 20 minutes working with your trainer

Each week you'll work with your trainer through six familiar exercises for just 20 minutes. There's no need to change into gym clothes or shower once you wrap up. We focus on your health and fitness in a focused timeframe and get you back to the things you enjoy.


Recover and enjoy your newfound fitness!

Overtraining is a real thing. This is why training more frequently is not necessary and can actually be counterproductive. Now it's time to spend the rest of the week letting your muscles recover. Then plan to do even better next session.

Proven results for your mind and body

Exercise research has proven that your results are better when you work out with a trainer. Your fit20 trainer keeps you committed and consistent. During each session you will monitor your breathing, posture and rhythm. Together you'll record your performance to help reach your goals and improve your fitness and strength. Your trainer can also answer any questions about the fit20 model and what it does for your physical and mental health.

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